"Asian Fried Chicken Soars to New Heights"

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"11 addictive Wings in NYC"

Korean chicken chain Pelicana offers up some of the city's juiciest Korean fried chicken, and the wings are no exception. They come in several varieties  original, spicy, grilled, and soy — and all are recommended.

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"Pelicana Is the Finest Korean Fried Chicken in New York"

"Their approach to Korean fried chicken - with bursting flavors and insanely crispy chicken with a thick batter - made is extraordinary. As many people's New Year's resolutions include eating healthy, I am proud to set my resolution as trying as many different flavor combinations as I can at Pelicana, as I happily and proudly call this place my new Korean fried chicken temple in NYC." - EATER NEW YORK


"How Korean Fried
Chicken Is Made"